12 Steps to Becoming a Successful Property Investor

Learn step-by-step how to build long-term wealth by safely investing in Australia’s residential real estate market. This course will provide you with the solid foundation needed to become a successful property investor.

Your Journey to Financial Freedom Starts Here

-Jack Kumar, Property Multi-Millionaire, Founder and CEO of JR Prosperity Partners

Were you aware that over the last two centuries, more than 90% of the worlds millionaires have created their wealth by investing in real estate?
For most people, the best way to create substantial wealth is by investing in real estate! By completing the course, you will learn how to create a winning ‘investor mindset’, successfully conduct property market and cash flow analysis as well as learn specific real estate investing strategies that will help you to become financially free. This course will teach you the key fundamentals necessary in order for you to get started as a residential property investor in Australia.

Course Presenter: Jack Kumar

Investment Property Coach, Speaker, CEO and Founder of JR Prosperity Partners

My name is Jack Kumar, I am an experienced property investor with a portfolio of 11 properties and I also am the founder and CEO of a property investment company based in Sydney. I have spent many hours and countless months to carefully create this course, drawing on my own lessons learned and success, as well as from 600 of my customers, to bring you only actionable and insightful content that will help you to become a successful property investor.

Who this course is for:

This course is ideal for beginner investors who are eager to learn the whole process of property investing before getting started or for seasoned property investors who are looking to add new strategies to their existing property investment portfolio
This course will deliver the fundamentals needed to help you become aware of the entire process so you can get your foot firmly on the property investment ladder

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